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We Are Open to Make Your Diagnostic Imaging Testing
Experience Calm, Comfortable, and Easy.

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Our center offers a variety of diagnostic imaging services delivered by our certified radiologists in Coral Springs, FL and licensed staff. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Palms Diagnostic Imaging Center when you need an MRI, MRA of the Brain and Breast MRI, CT Scan Low-dose radiation, CTA, Bone Density, Digital X-Ray, Mammography or Ultrasound. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. along with evenings and Saturday by appointment only.

MRI High-field (1.5 Tesla) wide-bore

Certified Radiologists Coral Springs, FL

Reduce your anxiety and/or fear of claustrophobia with our Brand New GE Optima* MR450w 1.5 TELSA with GEM Suite coil technology to our imaging services. This advanced system from GE Healthcare is designed to help maximize comfort for patients undergoing MR exams. Extra wide 70cm wide bore to add patient space for comfort, At the table surface with different cushion densities and designed to alleviate pressure points, our coil array that offers feet-first imaging for all exam types and the table accommodates patients up to 500 pounds. Our large, spacious Caring MRI Suite was build for You with our new state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center with our state of the art Acoustic and Video ceiling, offers a Soft Sound Gradient System, which provides a quieter experience. For all the reasons above, Palms has been selected by four local hospitals as their open MRI facility of choice.

With an MRI there is no preparation. You may continue your medication and enjoy your meals. We ask that you dress comfortably and try to avoid wearing clothes with any metal. You will be asked to removes glasses, jewelry and metal objects prior to your exam. A private changing room will be provided and professionally sanitized gowns are available.

CT Scan Low-Dose Radiation

Have your CT scan completed in less than 7 minutes with the Hitachi® ECLOS16™. Our 16 slice scanner offers a combination of technologies that deliver a level of 'patient friendliness' which is essential to a successful imaging experience. Many features included allow our facility to accommodate a wider variety of patients. Our large imaging suite allows for comfort and reassurance.The large gantry opening and wide high capacity ergonomic patient table capable of withholding up to 495 lbs.

With a CT scan you may asked to refrain from eating or drinking for an hour or longer before the exam. In most cases a 'contrast material' will be required to enhance visualization of tissues and organs. The contrast may be taken orally or injected by IV. Your physician will recommend the best procedure.

Certified Radiologists Coral Springs, FL

Ultrasound Coral Springs, FL


In addition, we offer ultrasound testing, which is a cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. This diagnostic medical imaging technique is used to visualize muscles, tendons, and many internal organs, to capture their size, structure and any pathological lesions with real time tomographic images.

With our licensed ultrasound tech you will be in and out in no time.

At Palms Diagnostic Imaging Center we understand the time and privacy of each patient. As we like to say, we are to make your diagnostic imaging experience calm, comfortable, and easy.

Diagnostic & Screening Digital Mammogram Computer Aided
Detection 3D Mammogram

Ultrasound Coral Springs, FL

All tests performed by Palms Diagnostic Imaging Center with CAD in mammography significantly increase the ACCURANCY RATE of the test results.

American College of Radiology Imaging Network has shown that Digital Mammography is a valuable diagnostic tool for women under age 50, pre- or postmenopausal women, and women with dense breasts.

3D Digital Breast Chemosynthesis is clinically known as, the new cutting edge technology that use low dose X-Rays at muoltipleangles to acquire information that can create a 3D images of the breast. with technology has been shown to lower the need for additional Images and can increase the sensitivity for detecting early breast cancers, especially with patients with Dense Breast.

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